Treating From The Root

With treatments focused on the root of the imbalance and not just on the symptom or the disease, Acupuncture and Natural therapies can treat a wide range of conditions.



Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic approach that dates back about 2,500 years.  The focus is on the interaction of all bodily systems to restore the health and well being of the whole person–body, mind and spirit

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More and more couples are looking for alternative ways to help enhance their health and well-being to achieve conception naturally. There are many reasons for infertility that effect both men and women and natural medicine is a great alternative to help address and enhance your chances of conception.

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A frequently asked question by patients undergoing cancer treatment is, “Can acupuncture help me?”  The role of acupuncture in cancer treatment is it’s ability in aiding recovery from post-operative pain control and recovery from the side effects of chemotherapy.

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The British Lymphology Society (BLS) – Poster presentation

I was invited by The British Lymphology Society to do a poster presentation on my thesis into the use of acupuncture and lymphoedema entitled ‘A mixed methods pilot study comparing the effectsRead More...
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Separating fact from fiction – Exercise

  Another theme which is quite common with persons with lymphoedema is that they have been told to avoid exercise, carrying heavy goods to household chores such as ironing. Hopefully the followingRead More...
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Preventative measures for lymphoedema: Separating fact from fiction – Needles

What is the current advice for the use of needles, exercise, flights and heat for persons with lymphoedema?  There is so much conflicting advice that persons with lymphoedema are met with confusionRead More...
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Since finding out I had primary lymphoedema in my left leg seven years ago I had worried and been unsure of exactly what it was and how I could make it better and I felt scared. My mum found out about Helen and I went for my first Mld massage a year ago. Not only did the massage help (I went for a few treatments) she is also very knowledgeable and gave me advice, and most importantly for me, made me feel less terrified and gave me confidence. Once I return to Croydon from my travels I hope to have regular treatments with her.Jade Flahive-Gilbert,
In May of this year I had Vaser Lipselection to my inner knees. My surgeon recommended I wear a compression garment for 6 weeks and have 3-5 sessions of MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage). Helen was recommended to me and I am so grateful she was. As well as bruising and swelling I experienced numbness and hardening (fibrous tissue) around the area. Not only was Helen professional and thorough at recognising these areas and working with them, but also reassuring regarding my concerns. I found that with each session the tightness and discomfort began to ease and the hardness, which I thought would never go, softened and the area now looks completely natural. Helen also made many useful suggestions such as using a trampette to improve lymphatic drainage and using a massage ball to help reduce the hard tissue. The results are fantastic and I still hardly recognise my lovely new knees sometimes. I'm now having MLD sessions with Helen for treatment to my calves and ankles. I'm bruised and swollen and compressed up to the hilt but I know what to expect, what to do and what the results will be thanks to Helen.Heidi French,
For over a 1 year I had suffered from a terrible shutting pain triggered from the middle of my back into my right shoulder down my arm into my fingers. It got to the point I could not type at work on PC, I had to stop using my right arm ( including carrying my handback on that shoulder). I was refered by my osteopath to see Helen. She used manual Lymphatic Drainage as a treatment for my problem. After ONLY the 2nd session I felt a massive improvement ( 85%) and after the 3rd session my pain was gone! This method is amazing and Helen is such a lovely person and great knowleagable accupuncturist. She has saved me and made my life painfree. Thank you HELEN!Eliza Hyzdalova,
"Hi Helen... Wanted to share our good news... I'm pregnant!!!  Thank you so much, you played a significant part."  Liz Page,

Acupuncturist and MLD Therapist

Helen Fox